Teeth Extractions For Dentures

This may be one of the most common and greatest needs of literally millions of Americans today. For a variety of reasons, many patients are simply better off without their natural diseased teeth. These people are greatly benefited from the removal of their teeth in preparation for dentures (or false teeth). Although this can be an emotional decision to make, we have found that replacing diseased, dysfunctional teeth with beautiful, more functional and healthy dentures changes most people’s lives for the better. Our patient’s lives are often significantly improved due to the presence of healthy, beautiful, and functional mouths. They simply look better, feel better, and eat better.

The removal of multiple diseased teeth is almost always accompanied by a better state of general health for the patient. Our body’s immune system spends a great deal of energy on “walling off” sources of chronic infection such as decayed and diseased teeth. Therefore upon removal of these sources of chronic infection, the body now has more energy and resources to perform other needed tasks, such as controlling blood pressure and blood sugar. We often see an improvement in energy with less daily fatigue. Most of the other organ systems in the body get a boost after the removal of multiple decayed and diseased teeth.

extractions for dentures

Please understand that teeth extractions for dentures should not always be considered “the last resort” for all patients. The removal of teeth in the preparation for dentures for one patient may be the treatment of choice; whereas for another patient alternative dental procedures, such as dental implants may be the right thing to do. Although this is a personal decision, it is recommended that it be made with the proper information. An informed decision is always best. Dr. Hudson is available for consult to answer questions and address concerns you may have regarding the removal of teeth in preparation for dentures.

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