Teeth Extractions

Sometimes teeth need to be removed, or pulled. For many people, the removal of one or more teeth is the treatment of choice, and it is in their best interest that it is done in a skillful, painless manner. There are also many people who come to a point in their lives when all their teeth need to be removed and replaced with dentures, or false teeth.

Dr. Hudson is a board-certified specialist who has obtained extensive training in these procedures and is able to perform them in a highly proficient and professional manner. The scope of our practice is almost entirely focused on the removal of teeth, whether due to pain, abscess, failed root canals, loose teeth, non-restorable teeth, or oral decay and gum disease. Narrowing our dental focus to the removal of teeth in a timely, efficient, and painless manner has resulted in increased proficiency in performing these extractions safely and comfortably.

teeth extractions

We have refined anesthetic techniques specifically for the removal of teeth and closely associated procedures, and have minimized unwanted side effects. Almost all of our procedures are performed with at least some level of sedation, making the procedure comfortable and anxiety-free. In accordance with the current ADA standards of care and in the interest of patient safety many of our procedures are performed under deep sedation. As a patient, you will feel as though you slept through your procedure.

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